Kooaba partnership with NewspaperDirect helps add new twist to an old favorite

These days it feels as if news content is more commonly consumed on the web or through newspaper apps designed for all the latest and greatest smartphone, tablet and eReading devices on the market. The reality however, is that millions of people around the world continue to enjoy the tactile sensation of reading newspapers the old fashioned way – in print, something not likely to change overnight.

For those out there who continue curling up with their favorite reads, Kooaba has developed a convenient mobile app that helps readers bridge the gap between the static printed newspaper format they hold near and dear to their hearts with the dynamic social sharing utilities that have become so commonplace, and perhaps almost necessary, in today’s tech ladened world.

Once downloaded onto an iPhone or Android smartphone, Paperboy as it’s aptly named, lets readers snap pictures of full pages or articles of interest in their favorite printed newspapers. The application’s powerful image recognition technology goes on to identify that page or article from NewspaperDirect’s extensive inventory of over 2,000 same-day, digital newspapers replicas – the very same inventory that drives PressDisplay.com and PressReader, the world’s largest digital newsstand and its companion reading application for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Win 7 operated devices.

Once successfully matched within Paperboy, an electronic version of the page is returned which users are able to share immediately via Twitter, Facebook, e-mail or SMS or store for future reference on my.kooaba.com or Evernote. Just think, no more random newspaper cutouts lying around the house!

While the service is certainly exciting for readers, it’s beneficial from a publisher and advertiser point of view as content from their print publications, once destined for the bottom of recycling bins, can be shared instantly or referenced at later dates.

Newspaper content within Paperboy will roll-out over 4 phases with October 10, 2011 already seeing NewspaperDirect’s German, Swiss, Austrian and International titles available for recognition.  US, UK and Canadian newspapers will be available by November 1st. Phases 3 and 4 will occur on November 15,2011 and December 1, 2011 respectively.

Kooaba’s Paperboy application without question adds a new twist to an old favorite.  If you’re a staunch print subscriber, what’s not to like about that?