Content Presentation Concept

Hey everyone!

With every release of PressReader, the design team here has one goal – to exceed your expectations.

We’ve been presenting full content newspapers in replica format to you for about 5 years now and have grown the collection from 200 publications to almost 2,000.  But we’re not just focused on adding more content.  We’re continually innovating — looking for better ways to present the large inventory of publications that we have to our readers.

Here are some of our thoughts going into this redesign…

We believe that you should not be restricted by seeing only one story at a time; nor should you have to change context to read a story that spans more than one page in the newspaper. You should not be limited to viewing snippets to decide if a story is worth reading. Instead, you should be given visual clues to help you understand the importance of an article – clues such as the size of the title, length of the article, whether there are pictures, and their size, etc.

And so for the next release of PressReader on the iPad in November, you will see some of the new presentation concepts we believe will enhance your reading experience.

But don’t worry all you digital replica fans – we’re not abandoning you!  Remember how we added a text view for articles on top of the digital replica view in an earlier release?  Well, this an enhancement on the text view.  🙂

I invite you to watch this video where Alex Gruntsev, VP of Business Development, will share with you our ideas about content presentation.


And then please take a moment to tell us what you think by emailing us at iphonesupport [at]  We’d love to hear from you.