Vote for Nikolay Malyarov – candidate for election to Distripress’ new Executive Committee!

We are proud to announce that our own Nikolay Malyarov, Vice President of Publishing and Legal Affairs at NewspaperDirect, has been nominated for election to Distripress’ new Executive Committee. His passion for the publishing industry and his knowledge, experience and commitment to helping publishers capitalize on this new era in digital publishing has made him a strategic and valuable candidate for this selection.

NewspaperDirect has been involved with Distripress for over 10 years now. Distripress (association for the promotion of the global circulation of the press) is a non-political and nonprofit making association of companies, nonprofit organizations and individuals of repute, engaged in the national and international circulation of publications.

Here’s how you can vote for Nikolay: All regular members of Distripress will be invited to cast their votes for the new Executive Committee when e-voting opens at 9:00am on Monday, September 19th CET until the ballot closes on Wednesday, September 28th at 5:00pm CET. Please click here for details.