Play the PressDisplay Mystery Contest to try and win an iPad2 and PressReader!

Riding the wave of fun and excitement we had in our most recent iPad2 + PressReader contest, we’re giving it another go by providing newspaper lovers with even more chances to win an iPad 2 and year-long Personal subscription to and  PressReader – only this time, we’re making it a lot more “interesting”!

Starting Thursday Sept 1, 2011 at 12 PM (PST) and running until Friday,  November 11, 2011 at 12 PM (PST), [“contest term”] a new PressDisplay Mystery Challenge will be posted at random points throughout the contest term on The PressDisplay Blog (keep your eye out for them!)

Each challenge will require participants to search the over 1,900 full-content newspapers available on for correct answers to the current challenge (Don’t worry, we’ll provide some clues to help you).

Participation is easy! All you have to do is:

1. Sign up to The PressDisplay Blog by clicking the “Register” link located under the “Login to The PressDisplay Blog” widget in the right sidebar.

2. Once registered you will receive your password by email (please ensure you check your junk mail just in case it ends up there). Then, navigate to The PressDisplay Blog and login using your Username and Password to view the latest challenge clues and entry form (forms are only visible to logged in users).

3. Using the clues provided with each challenge, find the correct answers on (scroll down to view the first mystery challenge).

4. Complete each challenge form in full and click the “Submit” button to enter (only 1 submission per registered participant per challenge is allowed).

Once we’ve reached 300 correct submissions, we’ll randomly select a winner from our database of qualified registered users who submitted correct answers to date over the contest period.*

We’ll continue selecting winners for every additional 300 correct submissions we receive (regardless of challenge) until we reach the end of the contest period (Friday, Nov. 11, 2011 at 12 PM (PST)).

With every new challenge, you get new opportunity to enter and win, so don’t just stop at one.  Play them all to maximize your chance to win!

Pretty cool, eh? We think so too, but we didn’t stop there!  For the duration of the contest, participants will have the opportunity to double their chances to win in each challenge, by sharing an article from using our Sharing Tool and sending us an image of your shared message in our bonus entry form (scroll down to view the bonus entry form).

Here’s how:

1. Navigate to

2. Register for free (if you haven’t registered already).

3. On the Home page, click the “Select Title” button and select a title by country or by language.

4. Click a blue highlighted headline of an article on the front page of that title (if you aren’t a paid subscriber to then you can only share articles from front pages of publications).

5. Click on the sharing icon within the article.

6. Select how you would like to share the article.

7. Take a screenshot of the post you shared on your blog or social media page, or the email you sent with the article.

8. Upload the screenshot to the bonus form, complete the remaining fields and submit!

Every time we draw a challenge winner from our database of registered users who submitted correct answers over the contest period, we’ll draw a bonus winner from our database of registered users who correctly shared an article using for that challenge period.  Now, how great is that!

So think about it…we will be holding 5 challenges over the two month period.  During each challenge period, you have two chances to enter to win:

  • 1 for submitting the correct answer to that challenge, and
  • 2 for sharing an article from that challenge period using

Remember that the more you share the contest with your family, friends and colleagues by email, on your blog, Facebook or Twitter (or anywhere else), the faster the contest database will grow and that means just one thing – faster time to owning an iPad2 and PressReader for some lucky winner!

Need a little help getting going with PressDisplay? Then make sure to check out our quick introductory demo video below:


Okay, now the legal stuff…

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you follow our CONTEST RULES to qualify to win.  Naturally we want people to try out so we have included in our rules that contestants cannot share answers online.   If you do publish the answers, then you’ve just disqualified yourself.  And no one wants that to happen!

*Please read full contest terms & conditions here.

So make sure you follow ALL THE RULES so you don’t lose your chance to win.

Okay, are you ready? Let’s do this!

Good luck everyone and happy hunting!