Newspaper Radio Lets you Listen While you Work, Play, Exercise, Drive…

Hey PressReader fans!

Our developers have just added a new feature to your favorite app, and we want to know what you think of it.

Just released for iOS devices, we’re introducing a  feature we’re calling “Newspaper Radio” — a new text-to-speech reading capability similar to many other on-screen text-reading tools for the visually impaired. Newspaper Radio lets you enjoy  your newspaper when safety or other reasons make it difficult for you to be looking at your device all the time!

Like our new fan and 40tech reviewer Bobby Travis pointed out:

“ Your newspaper story can be read to you, keeping your hands and eyes free for more important things — like not killing yourself while driving. I’ve seen more than one moron on the road that was reading a newspaper while in motion — and I’ve called the cops on the idiots, too”  

You can read his full review here. 

Much like Windows Eyez, Open Book, and other on-screen, text-reading tools designed for people with disabilities, our new feature allows anyone and everyone to enjoy their favorite publications, wherever they are, no matter what else they are doing. So, whether you’re driving to work, cooking up a feast for dinner, cycling, suntanning on the beach, hiking in the mountains or even exercising, you can catch up on the news through most of your favorite publications that you purchased and downloaded through PressReader.

Newspaper Radio doesn’t just read an article out loud. When you access one of your purchased downloads, you can now also:

  • Listen to your newspaper as its downloading
  • Jump from article to article at the *swipe* of a finger side to side
  • Jump from section to section at the *swipe* of a finger up and down or through the table of contents
  • Instant pause and play with the touch of a finger
  • Like/Not Like an article while listening to it

We’ll be releasing this feature on all the platforms soon enough, but we want to get your thoughts on it first on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Check out the video below and let us know what you think:


Useful? Coolest thing you’ve ever seen? Let us know your thoughts so we can make you’re your favorite app even better for YOU, our loyal fans.