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Hey PressReader fans!

You know how much you love PressReader – and how great it would be to win your very own FREE! iPad2. PressDisplay fan @AshleaJade shared her excitement with us on Twitter by coming up with a rockin’ rhyme:

To win would be a dream come true,

An ipad from PressDisplay,

To share with all my family,

For use in every day.

To teach my daughter brand new words,

From apps I hear are great,

To use as an alarm clock to,

Ensure I’m never late!

To show my son where countries are,

New places he could go,

To teach him why the stars shine bright,

And how the flowers grow.

To read a book, or play a game,

Or watch a film that’s funny.

To use in when it’s raining out,

Or take out when it’s sunny!

To take with me to hospital,

So I don’t feel down or bored,

I’d even plug my earphones in,

So I didn’t hear others snore!

To lend my man, so he doesn’t talk,

Through the programmes that I like.

To find out where to go to eat,

Or where to buy a bike.

PressDisplay, if you chose me,

To win your amazing prize,

You’d see me smile from ear to ear,

And a sparkle in my eyes!

Thanks Ashlea! To read even more of the creative creations and poppin’ poems that our followers have concocted, go to our Testimonials page and check out Contests!


Now, we want to hear what else our fantastic fans have up their sleeves! Why not share how you feel about PressReader with all your friends and followers while letting your creative colors shine?


Write a poem, a song, or come up with a cool image or video and share with us and all your friends/followers. It will help get us to those key milestones faster, which means faster delivery of iPad2s to lucky followers and fans.


We still have 16 more iPad2s to give away, along with year-long Personal subscriptions to PressReader and So show PressDisplay your funky side and share your work and our contest with your friends, family, and colleagues and/or follow us on Twitter! You could be our next winner – and an artiste in the making!

The next drawing will be held once we reach 4,000 Facebook “Likes” and 6,000 Twitter followers. Help us get there fast!


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