Journal of Commerce Celebrates 100 Years in the Business

Few would argue that most newspaper publishers today live in Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) about their future in this volatile digital world. Watching circulations steadily decline, advertising revenues dwindle and bottom lines collapse, many publishers have gone from FUD, straight into outright panic.

But not all…

Journal of Commerce, Western Canada’s Construction Newspaper, and a publishing partner of NewspaperDirect, is meeting the challenges and opportunities of this digital/mobile revolution head on.

Powered by NewspaperDirect’s SmartEdition technology, Journal of Commerce Digital is now available online or off in full-content digital replica format, to its subscribers wherever they choose to live, travel, work or play.

By providing its publication to readers exactly where and how they wish to read it, the Journal is a benchmark of success that other publishers should follow. And so it gives us great pleasure to congratulate them on not just surviving, but thriving in these “interesting times”.

June 9, 2011 marked Journal of Commerce’s 100th year in publishing – astounding!

To celebrate this major milestone, the Journal released a complimentary commemorative Special Edition, available through Journal of Commerce Digital, looking back at the last 100 years of the publication through photography, stories and much more.  You really must take at look at it!

Since its inception in 1911, Journal of Commerce has provided everything from interesting and informative reporting to one-stop easy access to tender listings and building reports,” says John Richardson, Director of Operations, Western Canada, Reed Construction Data. “Covering public and private project leads, (Non-residential, Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Engineering, Multi-family), Journal of Commerce is the trusted go-to source for reliable industry information in the construction industry.

VIDEO: 100 years of the Journal of Commerce

As the Journal commemorates the past and plans all the right moves for its future, we are proud to partner with them in their journey towards another 100 years of publishing prowess.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Journal of Commerce!