and PressReader Subscription Plan Update

In an effort to help clarify some of the ambiguity associated with NewspaperDirect’s current and PressReader subscription plans, a number of subtle but important changes have been implemented, effective immediately.

Subscription Names

The first and likely most noticeable change is the removal of the “Unlimited” descriptive next to the Personal Unlimited, Corporate Unlimited and Professional Unlimited plans. Moving forward, these plans will be referred to as Personal, Corporate and Professional, respectively.

Nothing has changed in terms of the fair usage policy that has always applied to these plans.  The word “Unlimited” was removed to reduce ambiguity.  Let me explain…

Unlimited was used in previous plan names to let readers know that they could access any of the over 1,700 titles on PressDisplay with just one subscription (unlike other newsstands which require a subscription per title). It was never intended to mean someone could read an unlimited number of titles in a day.  It was about unlimited choice, not unlimited consumption.

Obviously we really messed up our naming conventions because it did confuse a lot of people and for that we do apologize.

Maximum # of Auto-Downloads

The second change you’ll notice, particularly if you’re an avid PressReader user, is that a maximum number of auto-downloads is limited for each of the Personal, Corporate and Professional plans.

When the auto-download feature was introduced a couple of months ago on iPads and Android devices, the assumption was that users would select the number of auto-downloads based on our fair use policy of their subscription plan.

Unfortunately that assumption was incorrect. And so we have had to limit the number of on auto-downloads for users based on their subscription plan to conform to the fair use policy (please note that if supplements are available through a specific publication, they will not count toward this limit if the main publication is purchased first).

Note, however, that subscribers are still able to manually download a title after they’ve reached their auto-download limit for the day.  It’s only “auto” downloads that are controlled.

We are offering a grandfather clause for those of you have already set up more than your allotted auto-downloads.  You can continue to enjoy the number you had before, but once you unsubscribe to an auto-download, you not be able to subscribe to it again if it exceeds the limit.

Offline Storage

Although PressReader users are able to set the number of days they wish to keep the publications they download, offline storage terms are set by publishers, not NewspaperDirect, and vary by publication. And while this is not a change to plans or policies, I felt it was important to mention it here as we have had some questions about it.

If the specific offline storage term for publication X is 6 days, the publication will be removed from your device after 6 days even if you have chosen a 14 day term in the application.

Conversely, publication Y may have an unlimited offline storage term.  If you have chosen 14 days of offline storage in the application, publication Y will indeed be deleted after 14 days from your device.