The ABCs of it all

With new and exciting smartphones, tablets and eReaders hitting the market on what feels like a daily basis, publishers need to continually adapt and adjust their digital strategies to meet the evolving needs and demands of their readers.

While seemingly an uphill battle (and a perpetual one at that), the reality is NewspaperDirect’s multi-channel, multi-platform solutions help make this a breeze by getting your publication directly into the hands of your readers – exactly where and how they want to read them!

Moreover, as a publisher, wouldn’t it be useful to know exactly which channels and solutions your readers are using, which devices they favor and where your content is being consumed in the world?

Well, with NewspaperDirect’s latest circulation reporting tool, you can track these key circulation metrics with ease and reliability – regardless if your digital strategy includes one or all of NewspaperDirect’s, SmartEdition, PressReader or Print-on-Demand products or services!

Accessed using the credentials provided by our Publishing IT team, the report will allows you to:

  • Generate report summaries by service (e.g. PressDisplay, Library PressDisplay or Print-on-Demand), by delivery vehicle (PC, iPad, iPhone and Android devices), or by country;
  • Create full report access with added information required by the different Audit Bureaus of Circulation ensuring replica copies are counted as part of your audited circulation figures;
  • View reports in all available web browsers where they can be easily converted into XML, CSV, PDF, MHTML, Excel, TIFF and Word formats.

If you’re already a NewspaperDirect partner and haven’t checked out the report yet, now’s your chance!

And if you need one more reason to jump on board with NewspaperDirect, the circulation reporting tool is just one more way we can help put your mind at ease in a publishing world that has become more frenetic than ever.

If you have questions, require additional information or would like to provide feedback on the report, please contact us at