Long live newspapers!

With all the buzz about the Apple Tax hitting content providers, some people have asked me why would Steve Jobs care about the publishing industry anyway, “Aren’t newspapers dying?  I thought they were on the road to extinction.”


Did you know…

  • 77% of Canadian adults read the print or online edition of a paper at least once a week.
  • In the last year, shares in North America’s top 10 publicly traded newspapers have gained an average of 20.8%.

No wonder Mr. Jobs wants a 30% piece of the pie!

Now, not all publishers are fairing as well as those in Canada.  USA papers are still struggling along with some Europeans, but it’s more about the volatile economy than about newspapers themselves.  Take a look at this data from WAN-IFRA published in this month’s News & Tech magazine.  The booming economies in Southeast Asia and South America are fueling growth of newspapers in those territories.

And check out the story in the Toronto Star for even more interesting facts about what’s happening in Canada.  And then tell me if you think newspapers are dying OR just evolving into a much richer news source for junkies just like us.


Newspapers now bouncing back
Toronto Star
13 Feb 2011

Newspapers are proving so resilient that the term “dying newspaper industry” will be retired in the next year or two. Newspapers are still profitable, even in the midst of the most punishing ad drought in memory. Readership is at record levels, despite…read more…