"Interesting Times" for Publishers

Not too many months ago, it was almost impossible to find an article, news report or analysis that did not forecast doom and gloom for the publishing industry. Few argued that newspapers were in crisis, with falling circulation, repeated rounds of layoffs, fleeing advertisers and a chain of bad earning reports.

But then came the iPad…

And suddenly, the future was looking very rosy indeed. Suddenly, publishers were jumping on the iPad bandwagon building iPad applications that they believed would turn their future around.

Sadly, they forgot about the fundamentals of profitable publishing, such as “growing audited circulation”. Instead they created “innovative” applications that gave away their valuable content for free, and did nothing for their ABC numbers or their bottom line.

Do you feel a déjà vu moment coming on? Doesn’t this sound like the 1990s when publishers flocked to the Internet believing it would be their savior? And look how that turned out!

Mobile Wave or Tsunami?

No, the iPad is not the panacea for the publishing industry. It’s just one device – one small channel in a mobile market that is becoming more complex by the week with the explosion of new smartphones, tablets and eReaders landing in the hands of readers. The publishing industry is entering an era of “interesting times” and publishers cannot survive, let alone, thrive in it alone.

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