Recap: Digital Media Asia 2010

If nothing else, the 2010 edition of Digital Media Asia, held November 24th to 26th, helped reaffirm that 2011 will be another year on the up and up for NewspaperDirect!

With successful presentations and talks offered up by NewspaperDirect’s own Vice President, Digital, Igor Smirnoff, the event provided an opportunity to make significant inroads with publishers from Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Africa not to mention with several publishers from the host nation of Singapore.

The event also saw Samsung Electronics showcase their increasingly popular Galaxy Tab device, where, during the presentation, PressReader just so happened to be well featured and highly touted by Samsung executives :).

So, what does this mean for subscribers and PressReader users?

Well, it means that in addition to the 1,700+ local, national and international newspapers and magazines already available on platforms like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry (and soon to be available on all Android powered devices), the coming year will offer an even wider, more diverse range of publications on more and more amazing platforms hitting the market.  What’s not to like about that?!

If you haven’t yet tried or PressReader, give it a try today!