PressReader V2 Fails Newspaper Sobriety Test

Well, looks like PressReader had “one too many” newspapers.  After failing the app breathalyzer crashalyzer test, V2 spent a few nights in the slammer and is determined to clean up its act!

In all seriousness though, PressReader Fans, thank you!

Your feedback has been instrumental in helping us address various instabilities occurring in version 2.  We’ve managed to fix some already, but you can bet we won’t be sleeping until they are all resolved.

Our mission is to make PressReader as rock solid and stable as possible for you.

Step one involves submitting a new version of PressReader to Apple by the end of this week.  Subject to its approval, you’ll soon be running a much more stable version of the app.  And for those still running iOS 3.1.3 on your iPhone or iPod Touch, this release will help you get right back on the PressReader bandwagon!

If you’re looking to try out PressReader for the first time and have promo/offer code, you can now sign up using the code directly through the app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.  Just open Safari on your Apple device, navigate to and click on the registration link.

In the meantime, we would like to thank all current users for your patience and ongoing support of PressReader.  We would also like to take this opportunity to open up the floor.  We strongly believe that with your continued feedback, suggestions and insight, PressReader will only get better and better.

Thank You,

The PressReader Team