Why Students Need PressDisplay.com

Recently, Joshua-Kim Campion, an avid user of NewspaperDirect’s PressDisplay.com service, emailed in to share his thoughts on why he considers PressDisplay.com a service he can’t, and other students shouldn’t, live without.

Here’s what he had to say:

Is it still possible in 2010 to succeed in life without a degree? You know, the “American Dream”? The house, the wife, the dog, the kids… We often hear that the future belongs to educated people, those who actually have that college or university degree in their pockets. I’ve been reflecting on this a lot lately as I was looking into the possibility of going back to school to get that mandatory paper everyone is talking about, which I proudly did a couple weeks ago, but all of this thinking got me to wonder: Is it a guarantee of success for the rest of my life? What about global knowledge? Being informed? Know what’s happening in the world? Isn’t it something that’s also important to succeed in life? Haven’t I been able to do it for all those years, with great success?

Wherever you’re from, whatever language you speak, when you’re studying to get a degree, you need to get your information out of somewhere. You need to expand your horizons; you need to do further research to get different opinions to be able to make your own.  Books are good, libraries are good, but in 2010, in the information era, one needs to have access to valuable information from multiple sources, quickly and easily; one needs to have access to all of these different opinions to improve their knowledge to further succeed in life. I strongly believe that the future belongs to those who can see the whole forest and not only the tree in front of them.

Being an information and media addict, always wanting to expand my horizons, know more, I got the chance to discover an amazing product about a year ago, which is Pressdisplay.com by NewspaperDirect. The company currently offers 1670 fully digitalized newspapers, from 92 countries and in 48 different languages, which you can access from multiple platforms: computers, smartphones, Irex and the new Samsung Galaxy Tablet that’s been announced on September 2nd 2010.

This is the dream product for any college or university student. Not only can you entertain yourself by reading the newspaper online or on your iPhone while riding the bus, you can do research on the subject you’re studying, maybe get an out-of-the-box theory from an Australian journalist that would blow everybody’s mind? If you’re on the go, you can listen to your newspaper while driving, working, studying (shhhhhh!!!). If you’re an international student, you can keep in touch with your country by reading your local newspaper, every morning, in your language. This is a great way to stay connected with your environment, wherever you are; an amazing opportunity to increase your global knowledge; even a great tool to assist in learning languages with its built in translation tool. You have a major research to make on a specific subject? Their monitoring option allows you to set-up alerts on different products, companies… Whatever field you’re in, there’s an endless academic use to PressDisplay.

I’ve been using the product for more than a year now and wouldn’t know how to get by without it… And you’ve got to admit, it feels good to save a tree here and there :).

Joshua-Kim Campion

Thanks for the kind words Joshua-Kim!