If you’re like most PressReader for iPad users out there, I’m guessing you’re all about one thing – CHOICE!!

With over 1,600 titles from 91 countries in 47 languages available through PressReader, NewspaperDirect wants this selection to be even bigger and that much better and we’re counting on you to help us out!

We’re asking PressReader users from around the world to fill out iPhone Life Magazine’s Buyers Guide submission form in hopes PressReader will be included.  The form takes approximately 30 seconds to fill out.

By helping push PressReader out into the mainstream, you’ll help spread the word about PressReader to news junkies everywhere who love getting different perspectives on world events and help publishers see PressReader is where they want to be to reach all of those millions of readers.

Make sure you include PressReader for iPad as your 1st choice, select News in the App Store Category menu (you can leave the subcategory blank) and don’t forget to provide a small explanation on why it is!

Once you complete the form and send it off, we encourage you to comment, either on this post or on our Facebook page, telling us you’ve done so.  Don’t forget to include your explanation as well!

If you have a twitter account, get others involved!  Simply tweet:

I just submitted #PressReader iPad app to iPhone Life Magazine’s buyers guide for consideration. You should too!

The more people know about and use PressReader for iPad, the sooner more and more of your favorite publications will be included.  It’s a simple formula with a world of potential!

Thanks in advance to all those who help out…