New to NewspaperDirect – May 2010

Over the course of May, 25 new titles were added to NewspaperDirect’s roster. With the additions, subscribers now have access to an amazing 1,560 newspapers and magazines from 90 countries in 47 languages!

With PressDisplay’s list of titles growing monthly and with the availability of the Apple iPad increasing around the world, there has never been a better time to be a PressDisplay subscriber.

Don’t believe me? Well, if you’ve been mulling over whether or not you should subscribe to PressDisplay and you’re a current or prospective iPad owner, I encourage you to download the PressReader App and test it out.  The feedback generated so far suggests PressReader and the iPad are a match made in heaven for even the most casual news reader.  You can decide for yourself though :).

Click below to check out out the new releases you can instantly access on your iPad today:

For a complete list of your favorite publications available through NewspaperDirect’s digital network please click here.