NewspaperDirect Brings 1,400+ Newspapers and Magazines to Amazon Kindle

So, do you think we are on a roll?  You bet we are!

Yesterday, we announced support for Sony Readers and today it’s all about Kindle.  This morning, bright and early, NewspaperDirect announced that it is bringing the world’s largest online kiosk of full-content newspapers and magazines to the Amazon Kindle e-reading devices.  Yesterday Kindle only supported about 80 titles and even those where limited feeds from websites.    But overnight, readers’ choice of newspapers and magazines for the Kindle has grown by more than an order of magnitude!

To download your favorite titles directly from, simply connect your Kindle to your pc or laptop via USB cable, click the “Export to eReader” option (identified below) from the front page of any paper and follow the instructions.  It’s that easy!

Alternatively, you can install our PressReader application on your computer, download your favorite titles from and then transfer them to the Kindle via USB cable (although this approach does add an extra step).

Using PressReader, you can access complete editions of local, national and international newspapers from 93 countries in 44 languages on your kindle — often before they are available on newsstands — and read them from cover to cover, including:

  • All original content (including images and advertisements) presented in a familiar newspaper layout.
  • Intuitive navigation controls, along with thumbnails, and cross-linking within multi-page articles.

Check out this demo…


While some publishers align themselves with specific e-reading manufacturers, denying their customers the right to choose their own reading device (how crazy is that!), we like to take a different approach – one that gives readers what they want…

“Our strategy has always been to provide our customers with the best medium for reading their favorite publications,” said Alex Kroogman, CEO of NewspaperDirect.  “Whether that be in print, online, on mobile devices or e-readers, we are committed to offering a reading experience second to none on whatever ‘screen’ our customers choose.  This not only gives our readers what they want, it gives our publishers what they need – an ‘iTunes for content’ storefront that guarantees them the best opportunities to grow their paid circulation revenues now and into the future.”

So…do you think we are done now?  Not a chance!  I’ll be back tomorrow with more good news from NewspaperDirect!