Time to stop newspaper piracy

We always knew piracy of newspaper content was a problem, but now we know its magnitude.  Newspaper piracy is rampant!

Earlier this month, the Fair Syndication Consortium issued a research report about the reuse, abuse and monetization of copyrighted content by unlicensed websites. In 30 days, ending Nov 15, 2009, more than 112,000 unlicensed copies of newspaper articles were tracked from USA publications alone. Worldwide, can you imagine what the numbers are?

  • Every day, unlicensed sites like ebook30 and dayzebook host your high value content illegally, without restrictions.
  • Every day, you lose revenue from the uncontrolled use of stolen content.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

At NewspaperDirect, we know how to protect your content and ensure you are paid for every copy read of your publication. Today we manage over 1,300 titles daily on PressDisplay.com – titles that are:

  • Fully protected by our Digital Rights Managed (DRM) software,
  • Monetized fairly to pay you a per-copy royalty every time they are read on our site,
  • Counted as audited paid circulation by license bureaus.

Since 2005 we have embedded DRM into all titles on PressDisplay.com and we’re ready to do the same for yours. In a matter of days, we can create a secure e-edition that gives your readers what they want – all of your content online, in print, on mobile devices and eReaders, while you, the publisher, can rest assured that your content is protected from piracy and you receive the revenue you deserve for every copy read.

Contact us today at digital@newspaperdirect.com and let’s talk.