More news on the PressReader iPhone Application

PressReader Application on iPhoneHi everyone.

Well, there certainly is a lot of buzz and excitement happening around our PressReader iPhone application.  Just wanted to fill you in on some last minute changes we were able to push through on your behalf.

First, we have made the application itself FREE on iTunes.  Before you had to pay $0.99 for the PressReader application and then $0.99 per title you download.  Later today (we activated it already on iTunes, but not sure Apple’s turned it on yet for us), you will be able to download the application for free.

Second, we’ve enabled 7 free issues for every new user.  So you can now download your 7 favorite newspapers or magazines without paying a dime.  After 7 issues, you will be charged the normal fee for each downloaded title (price varies by country: US$0.99, C$0.99, €0.79, £0.59, AU$1.19, ¥115).

We’re also looking into some issues around the audio pack feature on the iPod Touch.  As you know you can “listen” to a newspaper using PressReader.  This feature required us to use Apple’s Audio Pack services.  Although we never need a microphone, we believe that this pack enforces the need for a microphone for apps that use the audio services.  We are working now to try and separate the need for a speaker with the need of a microphone so people using the iPod Touch w/o a microphone can still download PressReader.

What a learning experience this has been!  Thanks for your patience and please enjoy the free application and 7 free issues of your favorite titles.