What's New in Paid Content for Newspaper Publishers?

PressDisplay's paid content model really worksFrankly nothing!

It amazes me that there is such a “todo” about “paid content” being the NEW revenue model for publishers. 

News Corp.’s Rupert Murdock is leading the charge on this one, but it seems rather silly to me that he’s proposing it like it’s something new.  It’s not new at all!  PressDisplay.com and SmartEdition have proven the paid content model for years.  Check out this week’s Editor’s Weblog’s article: PressDisplay: a proven method for newspapers to monetize online content.

Reporter Liz Webber interviews NewspaperDirect’s Director of Strategic Development on PressDisplay.com and how it has been generating revenue for publishers’ content since 2003….and very successfully I might add.

So take a look and let me know what you think. And if you are a publisher wanting to transition from print into digital profitably, then contact us at digital@newspaperdirect.com  today to learn how you can have your publication everywhere – and what’s even better…make money for zero operational costs!