Quick tips on reading PressDisplay.com publications on the iRex DR 1000S

PressDisplay on iRrexFor all of you lucky people who have treated yourself to (or were given) a new iRex Digital Reader, you’re probably wondering how to get your favorite papers from PressDisplay.com to your iRex.  Well, it’s actually very easy.  Just follow these steps…

  1. First, if you haven’t already, you need to download the latest version of  PressReader (version to your PC.  You can read about that here, or watch a demo of it in an earlier post on this blog. 
  2. Once you have PressReader installed and authorized, just download as many publications as you like from PressDisplay.com using the Save icon next to the front page of the publication.
  3. Connect your iRex to your laptop.
  4. Now open PressReader and the My Library folder on the left of the application.  It will show your downloaded publications.  Click on the one you want to transfer to the iRex Digital Reader and then click on  File‐>Export to iRex
  5. In the Save As dialog, choose the DR1000S disk (e.g. E:) and browse to your ‘PressReader’ folder.  Choose Save.  Note that depending on the size of the publication, this step could take a few minutes – please be patient.
  6. Once the transfer is complete, you can continue to transfer publications to your iRex DR1000 one at a time.
  7. When you are finished, remember to close the PressReader application so you can safely un-mount the iRex Digital Reader.
  8. Now, turn on your iRex Digital Reader and tap on the PressReader icon on the Home screen. This will take you to the PressReader folder on your SD card where you will find all your newspapers and
  9.  Tap on the title you wish to read, and in a few seconds, you’ll have the entire publication at your
    fingertips, to read at your leisure.

Optimize your publications for readability and/or filesize

The latest version of the PressReader (Windows only), version, allows you to select the resolution of the newspaper that you want to export to the iRex DR1000S e-reader.

Note, in the default view, the exported publications (these are *.np files on your SD card) are optimized for a small file size and faster transfer.  For some publications, this can result in degradation in readability.

To improve the readability of the exported publication:

  1. Open the newspaper in the PressReader application on your PC
  2. Zoom in on the newspaper using the zoom lens at the bottom of the page.
  3. Export the newspaper to your DR1000S
  4. Open the newspaper on your DR1000S

Please note that the actual file size of your preferred / subscribed newspaper will vary, depending on the edition, number of pages and images. We cannot predict the most optimal settings that will satisfy you. You might want to spend some time finding the zoom level that’s right for you before exporting.

Zoom in on publication in PressReader

Figure 1 Left Above: A newspaper is opened in the default view which minimizes the file size but provides for a lower resolution image. Right: When you first zoom in and then export the newspaper to your DR1000S, the file will be bigger, but readability is improved, because the resolution is higher.

iRex zoomed

Figure 2 Above: Here is the same newspaper exported at different zoom levels. On the DR1000S the newspaper was opened and zoomed in once, by tapping the same area.

I hope this helps you with any questions you might have had.  Now…enjoy your new iRex Digital Reader and the over 850 newspapers and magazines offered on PressDisplay.com!