Avantoure Magazine now available on PressDisplay.com

NewspaperDirect is very excited to announce that Avantoure, the very popular bi-monthly interactive lifestyle magazine is now on PressDisplay.com

Avantoure on PressDisplay

If you haven’t read this unique and entertaining publication, you really should give it a try. I started reading it last month and truly enjoyed it, although it says it’s targetted at international male internet-savvy audiences.   Frankly, I think women will enjoy it too!

I love how they describe it on their corporate site –  it’s a publication based on the concept “Life is a game!”  Here’s what the Avantoure folks will deliver to you on a bi-monthly basis on PressDisplay.com:

“Every issue of Avantoure will offer a variety of features on great visionaries and life aficionados, dangerous liaisons and an exciting play/game between women and men, unusual and exotic travels, adrenaline high expeditions, and tips on how to make most out of the game called life.”

Sounds pretty cool, don’t you think? 

To mark the occasion, PressDisplay and Avantoure magazine are offering Avantoure readers unlimited access for 1 month to Avantoure and all other publications available on www.PressDisplay.com .  New subscribers to PressDisplay.com should register using offer code: Avanto02.

So go ahead, grab a cup of coffee or glass of merlot and sit back and enjoy!