Happy New Year from the PressDisplay Team

Is it 2009 already?  Goodness how time flies!  I started thinking today about all the great product enhancements that have happened at NewspaperDirect since I joined back in 2006 and there are just too many to mention.  So I decided to look back on just one year and compare what life was like on January 1, 2008 compared to December 31, 2008.   And the results were quite amazing…

Remember this post?  I did this on January 3, 2008:

January post 2008

I was so excited that PressDisplay readers had saved over 21,000 trees by choosing to read their newspapers online versus in print.  Now remember, that 21,599 number represented the entire lifespan of the product, which was launched in 2003.  So we’re talking over 3 years at that point. 

So now, let’s take a look at what the counter was on December 31st:

Over 40,000 trees saved

We’ve doubled the number of trees saved in just 1 year!  Isn’t that fantastic?!

But when you think about it, a product like this is pretty exciting and given what we have done to it over the last year and the number of new titles we’ve added in the last 12 months (from ~600 to over 850!), it’s no wonder we’ve doubled the number of libraries adopting it as a standard (from 600 in January to over 1,200 today!). 

The same growth applies to our corporate sales of the product (those executives just love monitoring their names and companies in the news). 

Consumers are flocking to the site because of they can get PressDisplay on their Smart Phones,  iPhones, BlackBerry and iPod Touch devices.  And let’s not forget that we now offer PressDisplay on the new e-Readers hitting the market.

Yes, in one year a lot has happened and from what I know about our product plans, this is just the beginning.  Keep watching for news early in 2009.  Apps and more e-Readers are about to be launched.  And some of those titles you’ve been asking for are “in the works” 😉

2009 is going to be a great year and I know that news junkies like me will be cheering about the new features, titles and devices coming their way on PressDisplay.  Look what just a couple of them told me this year…

“I love PressDisplay.com! It is amazing to read newspapers from around the world as soon as they are published. I have stopped newspapers from coming to my door for the first time since I began reading them 35 years ago!”, Paul, Canada

“I’ve just visited your PressDisplay.com site for the first time after a friend told me about it. I live in New Zealand and miss the quality English press very much. It was absolutely great to find such a site – easy to navigate, friendly interface and – joy of joys – current news by top notch journos! Thanks again, it’s quite possible you’ve saved my life – or my current affairs knowledge anyway!” Jane, New Zealand

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to try PressDisplay, now’s your chance.   Just register here using the offer code: 2009 and receive a full month of unlimited access for free.  

Just a little new year’s present from the PressDisplay Team.

Happy New Year everyone!