NewspaperDirect Brings Transparency and Precision to Print Advertising Placement

More exciting news from NewspaperDirect. Today, we announced the addition of a powerful new feature for professional subscribers on  Called, Ad Value Map, it will help renew confidence in newspaper advertising by showing advertisers where and when to place ads in printed media and maximize exposure and ROI.

When advertisers place ads in newspapers today, they are concerned with two things beyond the quality of the ad itself:


    1. How many people will see the ad on the page
       (goal: maximize the audience)
    2. How much time will people spend reading that page
       (goal: maximize exposure of the ad to the audience)

NewspaperDirect measures both of these statistics daily for every issue of our 750 publications on, and for the hundreds of privately labelled digital editions it hosts for publishers. It calculates the number of people who looked at a page in a newspaper and combines this number with the aggregated amount of time spent on that page by all readers. Detailed data is collected and presented for every issue of every newspaper, which enables advertisers to make informed decisions on a daily basis.

Ad Value Map
Ad Value Map

“The $3 billion decline in newspaper ad revenues in the last six months is indicative of an industry where advertisers are frustrated by not knowing which half of their advertising dollars are being wasted,” said Alex Kroogman, CEO of NewspaperDirect. “With Ad Value Map, Wanamaker’s mystery is solved — we can now show advertisers where and when to place their ads in printed media to maximize the return on their advertising investments.” Ad

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