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Have you checked out recently?  You should. Here’s why – it’s ‘gone social’…

PressDisplay Goes Social

PressDisplay Goes Social

Today, NewspaperDirect, launched a slew of community features on (the world’s largest online newspaper kiosk) and dozens of its SmartEdition e-papers. These features instantly turn any print edition into a virtual watercooler where readers can add their comments to any article, vote on stories, and interact with each other.

This means any newspaper publisher, even a local or regional newspaper, can roll out a modern online edition, complete with advanced reader interaction features, almost overnight. By doing so, a newspaper can transform itself into a vibrant online destination where readers can share their opinions, learn from others, spend more time — and come back for more. This boosts reader retention and ultimately represents a better proposition for advertisers.

Is it working?   You bet it is!  Readers have quickly caught on to the new reader interaction and community features: from Day 1, when reader comments were quietly enabled in a trial run of 11 papers, hundreds of readers posted their comments to newspaper articles in the first 24 hours. And these were thoughtful, analytical comments that showed readers immediately saw the value of being a part of the online conversation about news that matters to them.

So far, about 5,000 reader comments have been added. Looks like publisher skittishness about user-generated content might be unfounded, as the rules of the game already established on millions of blogs are at play here, too.

If you’d like to see how this works and see what happens when hundreds of quality newspapers are aggregated in a socially enabled setting, then why not give it a try?  New users can try for one month for free by registering with the offer code: social.

So what’s stopping you?  Give a try and then let me know what you think.