NewspaperDirect's 'ND Press' is Welcome Aboard Super Yachts

ND Press Welcome on Super YachtsAhoy there!

It probably comes as no surprise to you that even the super-rich still like to read their favorite newspapers with their morning coffee, no matter where they are — yes, even while they’re afloat.  Many have gone to some incredible lengths to scour the local ports for their daily fix and come up empty.  But not any more…

Today, on board many of the world’s most advanced super-yachts is a printing press of sorts as yacht captains offer their owners and guests a distinctly old-fashioned amenity: hard copies of their favorite local newspaper, available just as it rolls off the presses at the publisher. 

This is possible with ND Press from NewspaperDirect, which offers almost 700 newspapers, available every day online or for printing on board through a standard laser printer and an internet connection.  It’s much like, but with the added capability of being able to print an entire publication at one time and schedule printing ahead of time so you can print lots of papers in the middle of the night as they are published and have them waiting for you when you or your guests wake up.

Today, NewspaperDirect is seeing record orders for ND Press from the yachting industry. In fact, ND Press is now installed on 21 of the world’s 100 largest yachts, and demand has accelerated in recent months, with 84 installations on yachts around the world.  Owners love it, captains love it, the crew love it and guests are blown away by getting their local paper often before friends and family get it back home.

According to Captain Heinz Krodel of luxury motor yacht Zoom Zoom Zoom, “All our guests love it and they are pleasantly surprised when we present them with their favorite newspaper with their first breakfast on board. It is a very nice addition to the service we provide for both our owner and our charter guests, and we wouldn’t want to be without it.”

ND Press is also a very popular service for the hotel and aviation markets.  It’s a key product for NewspaperDirect where our motto is, “Give readers what they want – the way they want it – where they want it – when they want it.”

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