Sonoma Index-Tribune Publisher invites readers to join the biggest green revolution in the history of newspapers – going paperless

Congratulations Sonoma Index-Tribune on the official launch of your new digital newspaper and your mission to go paperless!

The 129 – year old, family- owned and- operated community newspaper is “going green” by delivering its entire publication online as a digital replica of its print version, complete with all of the advanced digital features offered by NewspaperDirect’s SmartEdition technology, such as easy-to-use navigation tools, powerful keyword searching, keyword monitoring with email notification, article sharing, a one-click ‘add to my blog’ feature, instant translation in up to 12 languages, integrated audio, back-issue access, photo galleries, and social media integration with Facebook, Digg and

Sonoma News Epaper

Subscribers can also read the Epaper on their PCs, Macs, smart phones, BlackBerry devices, iPhones and iPod Touch devices.

I-T publishers Bill and Jim Lynch are trying to “convert” traditional newspaper readers into paperless newspaper fans and the new paperless edition is part of an overall effort by the publisher to reduce its environmental footprint by reducing its consumption of paper, ink and energy.

Subscribers to the I-T’s print edition will have free access to the new Epaper and then upon renewal of their current subscription, they can choose to continue delivery of the printed edition, or opt for the Epaper only and save a bundle on the subscription cost.

“The paperless newspaper, combined with our content-rich Web site, gives us a dynamic digital presence without the high consumption of newsprint and energy that a traditional newspaper requires,” Lynch said. “Our goal is a 50 percent reduction in our use of the paper and energy for the production and delivery of local news,” he added.

Sonomanews. com was named the best non-daily newspaper Web site in the United States by the National Newspaper Association in 2007, so they understand digital and its value to readers who want to choose a more environmentally friendly alternative to reading their favorite newspaper.

Well done, Bill and Jim! You are setting a benchmark for many publishers out there – keep it up and keep it green!


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