NewspaperDirect Introduces Adget, New Rich-Media Advertising Widget To Boost Flagging Fortunes of Newspaper Industry

Hello everyone.   Some great news from NewspaperDirect…

We’ve just launched “Adget” – a new advertising widget/platform for SmartEditions.  It was previewed in September by Business 2.0 as you may recall, but now it is officially launched!

Adget embeds ‘Cost-per-Action’ advertising directly into a digital newspaper. Adget-enhanced ads can contain an embedded video, audio file or graphic to promote special offers from local merchants. Within the Adget, buttons or links allow the reader to ‘click to transact’ with the advertiser.  For example, a furniture store could invite the reader to order a printed catalogue; a local restaurant could accept dinner reservations; or a local car dealer could invite sign-ups for a test drive at a time and location convenient for the reader as shown in this Adget Ad below.

Adget Advertisement

CanWest, which uses our SmartEdition technology for all 11 of its digital editions, is actively piloting Adget and is very pleased with the responses they are getting from their advertisers.

“CanWest is excited about the potential of Adget to create a more interactive environment for our advertisers and subscribers,” said Quin Millar, Director, Newspaper Sales, Automotive, Travel & Tourism and Media Entertainment of CanWest Mediaworks Publications Inc. “We have been actively piloting Adget in our digital editions and the feedback from our advertisers has been great.”

Check out the official release and if you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at