Say NO to Newsprint

Every hour of every day a mature tree is saved by people who have chosen to read their newspapers online with NewspaperDirect’s service and dozens of its SmartEdition ePapers.

Whether you are at home, at work, on the road or in hundreds of libraries and corporate and government offices around the globe, you can enjoy instant access to over 500 of the world’s most prestigious publications without getting your fingers dirty.

Our 6 millions daily visitors have saved thousands of trees since 2003 and the numbers keep growing.  For the latest figures, check our counter on the home page.

Our analysis was based on these assumptions:

  • It takes 12 trees to produce 1 tonne of paper
  • An average newspaper weighs about .21 kg
  • About 40% of newspaper content is from recycled paper

We at NewspaperDirect are committed to providing you with a “green” alternative to your printed newspaper.  If we don’t carry your favorite, let us know and we’ll do our best to get it. 

So why not join us and our millions of readers and just Say NO to Newsprint.

There’s a tree out there with your name on it.  Sign up today for 1 month FREE on us.  Just register at with offer code go green and help us save our forests.