Business 2.0 gives its readers a sneak preview of NewspaperDirect's "Adget"

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Check out this month’s Business 2.0 magazine. 

Business 2.0 Article on NewspaperDirect in Sept 2007 Issue

They have featured NewspaperDirect in their September issue, giving their readers a sneak preview into our new advertising widget for online newspapers, called “Adget”.

NewspaperDirect in Business 2.0

 Here’s a closer look at the text…

Business 2.0 article on Adget

Yes, it is almost impossible to find an article, news report or analysis in that past five years that does not forecast doom and gloom for the newspaper industry.   But NewspaperDirect believes there is a bright future for newspapers and has designed a new widget and business model for online newspaper advertising (available for SmartEdition publications) that will bring hope and prosperity to publishers and advertisers.

I can’t wait to tell you more about it.  We’ll be launching it very shortly, so please check back soon for all the details.  But for publishers or advertisers who just can’t wait to learn more, feel free to contact the SmartEdition team at