SMART Newspapers In Education

Teachers around the world have discovered that the daily newspaper has become  the “must have” textbook for their students.

Timely and relevant, the daily newspaper is a valuable teaching tool for  kindergarten to grade 12 students, helping them discover exciting information about current events, science, political, civic and social issues that affect their lives and their future.

Most publishers today offer some kind of NIE program, which typically involves heavily discounting printed newspapers being delivered to schools on a daily basis.  It was a great concept in its time, but the times, they are a changing…

In today’s Internet world, these paper-based programs just don’t cut it for the younger generation who are connected, curious and environmentally conscious.

Let’s take a look at traditional NIE…

Traditional NIE

Now let’s look at NewspaperDirect’s SmartEdition NIE program….


The SMART digital NIE train is leaving the station with publishers from the USA, Canada and Australia already on board.  Isn’t it time for you, Mr. Publisher, to consider transitioning your NIE programs to this new and exciting medium to reach your future revenue generators?

There’s no time like the present to get the world of news in the digital hands of young readers everywhere!   Contact to learn more.