Publishers embracing video ads in PressDisplay

Over the past few months, we have been seeing a steady increase in the number of video advertisements being embedded in newspapers and magazines on PressDisplay. The first one I ever saw was a golf course ad in Destinations magazine. It was so cool (I’m an avid golfer). And now I’m seeing lots of car ads and mobile phone ads on

We’ve always said that PressDisplay gives you the whole paper, including crossword puzzles and even ads – 100% digital replicas….But it’s not true anymore…we give you 110% of the paper – video is not part of your typical print edition 🙂

Wow! Turn your speakers up and check out this embedded video ad in Expresso Actual on the movie 300. Isn’t this amazing!

And then while you’re in PressDisplay, check out a few other videos…The Commercial Appeal had a funny Toyota ad I liked back in February. I bookmarked it and so I can still access it and share it with you even though it isn’t in our backissues anymore (Bookmarks are another little feature in PressDisplay you might want to check out).

Explore a little and I bet you’ll find some great videos – this makes advertising fun!

Sorry, I do get a little carried away about what PressDisplay can do.

Expresso Actual
07 Apr 2007
The Commercial Appeal
09 Feb 2007