Moderating Comments

The question of whether to moderate blog comments or not has met with some interesting discussion lately.  Robert Scoble, one of the internet’s most popular bloggers started moderating comments in August and caused quite a stir.  But many serious bloggers know where he is coming from and agree with his decision.

At The PressDisplay Club, we have been blogging for only a short while, but we’re learning quickly about spam and inappropriate posts.  So we’ve set up some guidelines on comments and will start moderating them daily.  This does not mean we are avoiding tough subjects.   It means we want to keep the blog working in the spirit for which it was intended – a forum to improve for our customers, publishers and partners.

Rest assured…we will read and review 100% of your comments, and all comments that fall within our “Rules of Engagement” will be posted – yes, even the tough ones.  We’re not going to ban negative comments or product support questions. However, for account specific queries we will forward those requests to our customer support team so they can help resolve your issue quickly.  However, I encourage you to contact customer support directly by clicking on the “?” icon at the top right corner of

PressDisplay Support Icon

It will be much faster and more efficient for you than routing them through this blog.  Your comments and questions are important to us.  As such, Customer Support is committed to providing responses to all support inquiries within 48 hours, and during the work week, their performance is often faster than that.

Please remember that through the PressDisplay Club blog, we want to hear your specific ideas on things that need to be improved, as well as ideas on how to improve them.  Of course, we’re also happy to receive compliments too.  🙂