SmartEdition Overview

For your privately labeled ePaper, NewspaperDirect offers SmartEdition, powered by PressDisplay technology.  Along with PressDisplay’s advanced digital features, SmartEdition offers you a fully customizable electronic edition platform with powerful and proprietary back office reporting and analysis tools that help you optimally manage your content and advertisers.

Instant availability on New Devices

The moment a new tablet, smartphone or eReader hits the market, your publications will be automatically available on it for your subscribers to enjoy, without you lifting a finger.

NewspaperDirect gives you the luxury of giving your readers what they want without the costs normally associated with anywhere/anytime access.

Meanwhile, you’ll save time and money by not having to develop applications for all the wealth of new devices, negotiate individual contracts with numerous device manufacturers and share revenues with the growing list of online storefronts looking to extract high margins from your content.

Check out our ever-growing list of devices on which we can showcase your content today.

Secure Content

The safety of your content is our priority and we take our responsibility of protecting it very seriously.  Since 2005 NewspaperDirect has embedded DRM into all of its SmartEditions, so you can rest assured that your content is protected from piracy and you receive the revenue you deserve for every copy read.

Operational Excellence

NewspaperDirect is much more than a digital edition vendor.  Not only do we operate as an extension of your IT department, taking responsibility for:

We invest time and money in your business, by:

Let us show you how we can extend your IT department with an experienced and talented digital publishing team who will provide full hosting, payment acceptance, customer service management, and technical support – all at no operational cost to you.

SmartEdition Examples

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