Top Stories versus Editors' Picks

Welcome back everyone. Hope all of you in the US had a great Thanksgiving weekend. 

I wanted to share another cool feature of PressDisplay for those of you haven’t discovered it yet. 

You know how on other web sites you see “top stories” listed? …

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NewspaperDirect and Associated Newpapers at the World Association of Newspapers Conference in Madrid

David Owen, Senior Vice President Publishing, NewspaperDirect

David Owen

Mike Newman, Group Circulation Director, Associated Newspapers (Hey Mike…I’m holding this spot in the post for your picture)

Daily Mail

joined forces today to talk about “Multi platform circulation in a digital age”  to over 350 attendees from 60 countries at the 9th World Editor & Marketeer Conference and Expo , 23-24 November 2006 in Madrid, Spain

They shared with the audience how today’s technology allows newspapers to follow their readers wherever they may be. 

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Monitoring "Just" the News

Hi everyone.   Today I thought I’d talk about a feature you may not know about in as it is fairly new – Monitors.  Monitors are like alerts in Google.  You can search on a keyword or phrase in 350+ newspapers and magazines from around the world and have PressDisplay remember the search criteria and alert you via email as soon as a story hits the presses that includes it. …

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NewspaperDirect Announces Shangri-La Agreement at IHMRS in NYC

Did you know that NewspaperDirect not only offers for people who want to read newspapers online, but we are also very successful with our “Print on Demand” service as well.

Here’s a little bit about that….

The NewspaperDirect global Print-on-Demand network has grown to 80 license partners at over 800 print locations in 85 countries.…

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Our New Home!

It’s an exciting time at NewspaperDirect.  In the past 6 months we’ve added over 100 publications to and the list keeps growing.  We’ll be at 500 before you know it!   

What’s also exciting is our new bigger and better digs. 

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Welcome to the PressDisplay Club!

Welcome to the PressDisplay Club!   Never heard of us?  That’s okay…. but shame on us, because we don’t know much about you either. Well, hopefully that’s all going to change now that we’ve seen the light! 

Thanks to Steve Broback, author of “Publish and Prosper: Blogging for Your Business”, president and CEO of Parnassus Ventures and the founder of the Blog Business Summit held in Seattle last month, we have learned that if you don’t keep up with technology changes in communicating with customers, you might as well pack up your company and go.

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