Spotlight: Filmmaker Deepa Mehta discusses new movie about a brutal crime

Award-winning filmmaker Deepa Mehta sits down with PressReader Spotlight to discuss her recent film, Anatomy of Violence, and what she believes is a core cause of sexual assault. Mehta says that no one’s born a rapist.  Support her opinion on PressReader, if you agree.

Anatomy of Violence is a fictional dramatization that explores the cause of rape.

It follows a real life 2012 attack when a young woman was sexually assaulted by six men inside a moving bus in New Delhi. The attack was so brutal that the young woman later died. The incident galvanized India and sparked mass protests and calls for systemic changes in how women are treated.

Mehta’s film is set in New Dehli and fictionally follows the lives of the rapists.

“Anatomy of Violence is in fact from a rapist’s point of view,” says Mehta. “We go in to explore the lives of the rapist to try and see how complicit is society in the fact that they breed and we nurture them.”

Mehta posits that gender inequality is a base cause of rape. She points to how children are treated, taught, and what they see and experience.

Mehta challenges each of us to look at gender inequality and how we treat others. Her film is a fearless look at what societal inputs may contribute to such horrendous crimes.

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