[Industry Report] Serving Digital Content to the Hotel Guests of the Future

Together with Forbes Travel Guide, we surveyed world leading hotel brands about the future of digital content and technology as part of the guest experience.


Read the full industry survey and trend report here:



Travelers are rabid consumers of digital content. Whether they consult review sites like TripAdvisor (which >50% of worldwide travelers use!), subscribe to streaming services like Spotify and Netflix (which 58% of Americans use!), or keep up with news on social media and newspapers/magazines, they want their content to travel with them. The want the same full digital access they get at home, in their hotel rooms.

Digital content is a major component of the modern guest experience today. It gives hotels a powerful way to connect more personally with their guests and serve them in exciting ways not available before.

That’s why we introduced this survey and report. We wanted better insight into the future of the growing hotel industry. We wanted to map the relationships between tech, content, and guests.

Dive into our survey results and industry research to discover helpful insights, including:

  • How hotels are investing in print vs. digital
  • How consumer behavior around content is changing
  • The one brand touchpoint more than 90% of you are missing
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