#HowTo make and manage your comments.

Did you just finish reading a great article – or maybe one you disagreed with? It doesn’t have to end there. Our comments section gives you the space to share ideas and connect with other readers.

Drop your two-cents in the comments section and start engaging with readers from around the world. Hear both sides of the story from readers who really care about the issues, are on the ground floor, or just want to talk with likeminded readers.  Comments give you the chance to connect with the millions of PressReader readers in real time.

Let’s do a quick review of what you can do with comments on PressReader!


Posting a comment: 

1.) Login to your PressReader account on our web-app or create a free account.


2.) On an article of your choice, tap or click on the comment icon in green.


3.) Next, click on “New Comment” on the top right hand corner of the comment box.



Do you want to supercharge your comments with photos and videos? Click here to learn more.

Deleting a comment: 

1.) Tap or click on the comment icon in green.


2.) Tap or click on the comment to see the menu below. Now you can choose to edit or delete your comment.


Voice your opinion! 

Like or maybe dislike with a comment? Use our bump It or Dump It feature! This gives your the power to bump or dump comments on articles.  



Still have questions?

Visit our Community forum to chat with other members about PressReader, or submit a ticket to connect with our support line.

Happy Reading!

The PressReader Team