Spotlight: Healthy gourmet lunches can be for the office too

Celebrity chef Mark McEwan takes PressReader Spotlight on a tour of McEwan Foods to present healthy meal options.  McEwan asserts that convenience shouldn’t compromise quality or freshness when choosing snacks or office lunches.  He shares tips for choosing the right food, while his chef de cuisine demonstrates how to build a nutritious and easy lunch bowl.

“The day of the drive-through burger, French fries and processed cheese thankfully is declining,” says McEwan.

McEwan notes that people spend a lot of time reading labels because they want to know every single thing that’s in what they eat.  He adds, “They want to know that all the snack items they are buying are gluten free, fat free, sugar free – then they feel comfortable buying them.”

He believes that the whole profile of what people snack on and what they imagined to be part of their diet has changed.  The label is crucial to learn about sodium levels, oil levels, fat levels, etc.

“People want to know this information,” says McEwan.  “There’s an educated public out there.”