Spotlight: B.C. Premier Christy Clark outlines steps government is taking to fix housing affordability

B.C. Premier Christy Clark sits down with PressReader Spotlight to talk about what her government is doing to help fix the Province’s housing crisis. Watch her interview and support the opinion on PressReader here, if you agree.

In September, the Province announced a $500 million investment which is the largest single-year housing investment by any province in Canada. When added to February’s five-year, $355 million investment, the B.C. government has announced a total of $855 million for affordable housing this year.

The plan will add 2,900 new housing units and produce an estimated 5,500 jobs, according to the government.

Greater Vancouver has experienced sky-rocketing housing prices in recent years, putting home ownership out of reach for many people. Rental properties are also in short supply.

Watch the interview.  Support Premier Clark’s opinion on PressReader, if you agree.