Spotlight: WWF-UK urges to improve wildlife protection during Brexit negotiations

WWF-UK says help improve wildlife protection during the Brexit negotiations. Do you agree? Support the opinion on PressReader.

WWF-UK expects that when people think about Brexit and the impact that it will have on their lives, they tend to think about things like jobs, the economy and immigration. The wilderness protection organisation urges that there are also profound implications for wildlife and wild places from leaving the European Union. This is because many of the UK’s current rules to protect the natural environment come from the EU, and the WWF-UK wants protections to remain in place.

To many people, “environment” can be a bit of a dull word, acknowledges Liz Callegari, Head of Campaigns at WWF-UK. She adds, “What does it actually mean? It’s the beach that you visited last summer; it’s the woodlands where you walk; it’s the quality of the air we breathe and the quality of the water in our rivers.”

The WWF-UK believes that there is an opportunity with Brexit to lead the world and set standards that will protect the natural environment, aiding to tackle climate change in the UK and abroad.

Callegari says, “It doesn’t matter if you voted leave or remain. Surely we can all agree that it’s important to protect and preserve the wild places and the wildlife that we all love.”

WWF-UK is urging Britons to write to their Member of Parliament to ask them to stand up for the environment. Watch the WWF-UK’s interview on PressReader to learn more about what’s at stake. Support the opinion, if you agree.