Spotlight: Award-winning journalist Mohamed Fahmy speaks out about press freedom

Journalist, professor and author Mohamed Fahmy talks about freedom of the press. He says speak up for those who are silenced. Do you agree? Support the opinion on PressReader.

Fahmy was imprisoned in Egypt for 438 days for his media coverage of conflict in the region.  He was thrown into Egypt’s infamous Scorpion prison for hardened terrorists and political leaders.  Now released, Fahmy talks with PressReader Spotlight about his ordeal and the importance of press freedom.

Fahmy is a staunch advocate for press freedoms.  With his wife Marwa Omara, he founded The Fahmy Foundation in 2015 to support journalists unjustly imprisoned worldwide.  He believes that we need to speak up for those who are silenced.

“The word ‘Press’ used to be a token of protection. Now it’s become a target,” notes Fahmy.

His book, “The Marriott Cell,” chronicles his ordeal and experience in one of Egypt’s high-security prisons.  It serves as evidence of the importance of press freedom today.

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