Get cozy with your PressReader Channel

What’s a PressReader Channel?

When you sign-up for PressReader you’re automatically given your own Channel. Channels are your place to save, curate, post and share content from all over PressReader. Follow others to see what they’re reading and commenting on, share your favorite content, and even share images from your favorite magazines.

Why should I create a PressReader Channel when I have other social media accounts? 

  • PressReader has premium newspaper and magazine content that’s not available anywhere else on the internet. You can curate and share the best news and magazines content from around the world.

Where do I go to make changes to my Channel?

  • Click on your Channel name, located at the top right of your screen, and select “Manage Account”.


What changes can I make?

  1. Update your information: Mange information like your Channel name, website, email address, profile picture and more!


  1. Link your social accounts!: Connect your Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Evernote, Instapaper and OneNote accounts to make sharing easy.


  1. Republish your blog posts: The RSS feature will post content from your blog to your PressReader Channel. It’s as easy as copy and paste. Get started!


  1. Create new posts: Put your posts and articles next to those of your favorite journalists.


  1. Create custom collections
    • Creating Collections is an easy way to start developing your reading room, a library of content to go back to yourself, or to share with your followers.
    • You can make your collection public or private. This allows you to curate content in a private collection until your ready to share it publicly or as a way to monitor topics privately.


  1. Graphic bookmarks  let you grab and save pages to create unlimited Collections on as many topics as you’d like. Like a recipe or editorial from a fashion title? Save the pages – just as they appear – to your Collection.


  1. Set new issue alerts: Receive an email reminder the minute your favorite newspaper or magazine is available on PressReade


  1. Start a dialogue:  Finished reading an article and ready to comment? Do you have the perfect video to share? No more waiting. Now you can upload and share videos and images at the same time you post comments.



Still have questions?

Visit our Community forum to chat with other members about PressReader, or submit a ticket to connect with our support line.

Happy Reading!

The PressReader Team