The Future of Newspapers and Magazines in Flight [Industry Report]

Together with APEX, we surveyed senior leaders of the world’s leading airlines about their plans for content and the passenger experience.

The results are in. And the verdict for print looks grim.

Survey Says: 70% of airlines will stop offering print news in <5 years


The race to digitize content has swept every industry, and it’s just about time for it to reach the skies. Print newspapers and magazines are simply making less sense from both a cost and passenger perspective — and our survey results indicate that airlines agree. Passengers want the same seamless digital content experience they already receive on the ground, delivered to their favourite personal devices in the air.


When do airlines plan to make the switch to digital content? What kind of device do passengers prefer to consume their content on? How do digital newspapers and magazines fit within the passenger experience?


Get your answers to all these questions and more, in our airline industry report on the future of content, technology, and the passenger experience.


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The Future of Newspapers and Magazines In Flight


The future of digital newspapers and magazines is just around the corner — and our industry survey shows it’s what passengers want. Let’s talk about what PressReader can do for your airline.