Spotlight: Music legend David Foster shares quest to save lives

Music legend and philanthropist David Foster urges everyone that is able to be an organ donor. Do you agree? Support the opinion on PressReader.

Foster has been on a decades-long journey to increase the number of people who sign up to be organ donors.  Through the David Foster Foundation, he has also been raising funds to provide financial support to Canadian families with children in need of life-saving organ transplants.  The Foundation has assisted close to 1,000 families with children.

PressReader Spotlight caught up with Foster ahead of his annual Miracle Gala & Concert that took place in Winnipeg, Manitoba this year.  Each year the event raises millions of dollars to support the cause.

Foster notes that the national average of organ donors is only 14%.  In his interview, he urges everyone to be an organ donor and dispels myths that may prevent people from signing up.

Beyond signing up to be an organ donor, Foster explains that it’s even more important to tell your family your wishes.  In the event that anything happens, your family can then honor your wishes whether you’re on the donor list or not.

Watch Foster’s interview and support his opinion on PressReader.  Be an organ donor.  Save a life.