Clip full pages from magazines and newspapers with graphic bookmarks

The wait is over. As promised in September, graphic bookmarks are ready to use on

What’s a graphic bookmark?

It’s a new feature that allows you to grab and save pages from publications, and add them to a collection. You can save pages from both newspapers and magazines as they appear in print and share full-page replicas with your followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Why you’ll love them.

Grab and save pages to create unlimited Collections on as many topics as you’d like. Like a recipe or editorial from a fashion title? Save the pages – just as they appear – to your Collection.

With the holidays season just around the corner, let’s create a Collection of the best dessert recipes. You can even show off – erg, I mean share – your Collection.

Let’s get started!

1.) Create a Collection. This is where your graphic bookmark will live.

2.) From page view, you can right click anywhere on the screen and select the pages you want to add. When you see the green checkmark you know they’ve been selected. Once you’re done, click “Save to Collection” to add it to your Collection.



All done. You’re now ready to start using graphic bookmarks. Try it out for yourself!

Still have questions?

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Happy Reading!
The PressReader Team