Get Complimentary Access to PressReader with your Library Card!

Did you know that you can access PressReader on your personal device, tablet or laptop using your local library? It’s easy! Once you’ve gained access, create your free PressReader personal account to sync your content across your devices in the PressReader app. A free account will allow you to read offline, create collections, bookmark content, enable auto-delivery of your favorite publications and much more!


1.) Library card

Using your library card number and PIN signup for PressReader.




2.) Through your library website

Look for a PressReader referral link on your library website. This will give you access to PressReader.



3.) Gifted access

A gifted access link is offered through your library’s Wi-Fi network, or by visiting their location. Turn on location services in the PressReader app to verify that you’re in the physical location. You’ll see a small green coffee cup in the top right corner of the screen to confirm your access to PressReader, and usually a welcome message from the library as well.



Still have questions?

Visit our Community forum to chat with other members about PressReader, or submit a ticket to connect with our support team.

Happy Reading!
The PressReader Team