PressReader, now available in Simplified Chinese

Exploring content in your preferred language is easier than ever! We’ve added Simplified Chinese to the list of 12 fully supported Interface Languages available on the website, and in our latest Windows app. Let us show you how you can update your settings so that all of the menu items, buttons and notifications will appear in Simplified Chinese.

How does it work on the app?

Our latest update now supports both Traditional and Simplified Chinese language settings. If you’ve set either of these as your default language preference, then the PressReader Windows app will launch in that language. This provides an easy and seamless transition to the app. If you’d prefer to use the website, that’s fully supported too!

How does it work on desktop?

To get setup on the website, update the interface language in the drop-down menu at the top right to your preferred language. Simplified Chinese is our most recent addition; however, we support 11 other languages to suit the diverse needs of our readers and provide them with a seamless reading experience, every time.



Say hello to your interface!

Enjoy content conveniently with options that work for you.




Still have questions?

Visit our Community forum to chat with other members about PressReader, or submit a ticket to connect with our support line.

Happy Reading!

The PressReader Team