Find your people on PressReader

We’re all looking for those people who just get it, and fill our feeds with great comments and eye-opening discoveries. Now you can easily find people on PressReader who inspire you. Connect and create your network of opinion leaders from around the world. When you follow other readers, you’ll get real-time updates and posts that enrich the content you read as you browse the Home Feed.

You can follow other readers in a few different ways:

1. Click on their username and then click “Follow”, or
2. From an opinion page, scroll across to the supporters section and click “See All.” A full list of everyone who agrees with that opinion will appear. Click or tap on the “plus” icon next to the people you want to follow. (You can also sort this list in alphabetical order using the “A-Z” icon, if you’d like.)

Opinion Leaders

Once you’ve built your network, PressReader will display new comments in your Home Feed as they’re posted to the site. You’ll be able to vote their comments up or down, respond to them within minutes, and share their ideas with your own social networks. If you’ve changed your mind about following a channel, then you can unsubscribe. Click on the PressReader logo at the top center of the Home Feed screen to open that menu, and then on “Customize” to remove people from your feed. You can also unfollow others from their channel page by clicking on the “Following” button.

If you’re managing your own Channel, you can customize what your followers will see from you. Click on your profile photo in the top right corner, select “Manage Account” and review your Channel settings. These include sharing bookmarked articles, bumped articles and comments that you’ve posted on PressReader.

Still have questions? Visit our Community forum to chat with other members about PressReader, or submit a ticket to connect with our support line.

Happy reading!
The PressReader Team