Discover gifts in the neighborhood, on your commute, and wherever you travel around the world

Join the world’s greatest treasure hunt – just install the latest version of the PressReader app and share your location. Then open the HotSpot Map to hunt for your first gift!

How does it work? The PressReader app will ask you to share your location with the app. Click “Allow” to qualify your phone or tablet for gifts. If you’ve turned on notifications, we’ll send you a note when you’ve discovered a gift. You can also use the HotSpot Map to hunt for gifts on your own. Each gift usually lasts for 24 hours and allows you to download as many magazines and newspapers as you like. After accepting the gift, you’ll see a short welcome message from our HotSpot partner.

The app will only ask you to grant location services permission once. If you’d like to enable it later, you can do that by following these steps on the HotSpot Settings screen. You could also uninstall and reinstall the app to see the prompt again.

Location ServicesWhat’s the fine print?

Gifts rely on location services to send gifts to your device. Allowing location services for PressReader will use approximately 4% of your battery. PressReader will only note your location when you receive a gift.

*This feature is currently available for iOS and Android.

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